Disaster Relief and Reconstruction Fund


We have activated our Disaster Relief and Reconstruction Fund so we can work in favor of the communities that have been affected by the natural disasters we have had in Mexico.  

On September 1°, Hurricane Lidia impacted in Baja California Sur leaving many communities incommunicated. It has affected around 60 thousand people in terms of electricity and water. Most of the support that has been provided was destined for touristic areas around Los Cabos and the most vulnerable communities still haven't gotten enough help.

On September 7th, an earthquake of intensity of 8.2 struck several areas in Chiapas and Oaxaca leaving 2.3 million people affected and close to 1,000 schools with needs of reconstruction. This earthquake caused 12,000 homes to collapse. 

On September 8th, Huracán Katia hit the coastline of Veracruz and affected 53 municipalities, forcing people to move out of their homes to find refuge. Currently there are over 2,000 people in 84 shelters around the state.

On September 19th, an earthquake of intensity of 7.1 shook the states of Puebla, Mexico City, Estado de Mexico and Morelos, killing over 300 people and making entire buildings collapse in the area. Over 12,000 schools were affected and will need reconstruction efforts. 

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  • To promote an active diagnosis post-disaster in the school communities affected.
  • Implementing reconstruction actions in the schools affected through the Tools for Knowledge Program by Fondo Unido–United Way México.
  • Presenting actions that promote a focused participation on prevention and natural disaster attention in the affected school communities.
  • Creating a trained culture to react to natural disasters in Mexico.

Concrete actions:

  • Active diagnosis post-disaster: This is done with the support of a multi-disciplinary team of experts in the school communities affected by the earthquakes that fulfill the necessary requirements.
  • Geo-analysis: Consists on locating the communities affected by earthquakes and create a space analysis tool to focus attention in order to have: 
    • An overall-map of the affected communities.
    • A communities-to-attend map
    • A priority framework and parameters.
  • Reconstruction actions, manteinance and school infrastructure equipment that will take place through the Tools for Knowledge program by Fondo Unido-United Way México.
  • Informed volunteer activities: This is an aspect that needs to be considered in order to give continuity long-term and set the basis for its trascendence.
For years, Fondo Unido-United Way México has actively responded to natural emergencies in our country. Since 2017, an Emergency Fund with focus on reconstruction was established. 
Some emergencies we have attended are: 
  • 2011– “Karl” Hurricane: We concluded the Classroom Reconstruction Project in the state of Veracruz. This project was done in collaboration with the institution called “Adopta una Escuela”, benefitting more than 1,650 children between 3 and 15 years old and indirectly over 10,000 people between students and teachers in later generations.
  • 2013– Tropical Storms “Ingrid y Manuel”: We did the reconstruction of the primary school called Cuitláhuac, in Coyuca de Benítez, Guerrero for all six grades using eco-technologies for the wiring and bathrooms of the school. This building can now serve as a shelter in case of a natural disaster.  This project benefitted 128 students and 600 families indirectly.
  • 2017– Tropical Storm “Beatriz”: We supported the landslide emergency after “Beatriz” hit ground and affected 127 municipalities in Oaxaca. Hygiene kits were donated by P&G as well as drinkable water, blankets and clothes. Also, we supported in bringing psychological support and medical services in coordination with CADENA.